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Recreational areas
In Coatzacoalcos there are many places to visit and spend a pleasant stay, both within the city and points near it, besides that has many miles of beach and a malecon full of beauty. Here are some of its main tourist attractions.

The Plaza of Cultures is a place dedicated to the contribution cultural, economic, scientific and social provided by migrants to the development of Coatzacoalcos. A place where converge 12 poles, in wich undulates 11 flags of 11 countries, representing the nationalities of Coatzacoalcos citizens that are now part of us. On this site you will find several sculptures made by local and foreign migrants, coupled with a multicolored fountain. An attractive space for cultural events, framed by the Gulf of Mexico.

Coatzacoalcos 'Forum' is one of the largest shopping mall at southeast Mexico where you will find firms such as: MM Cinemas, Sears, Sanborns, Liverpool, Mixup, Burger King, C&A, Yack, Porrúa book store, among many others. You will have a good time at plaza 'Forum'.
La Plaza de la Bandera (The Flag's square) is located in the seaside boulevard. Promotes patriotic values and is a family entertainment center. It has excellent lighting and security. Surrounded by places to enjoy a good time, la plaza de la bandera (the flag's square) is one of the largest in Mexico and is set in an excellent view of the beach and horizon. The undulating movement of the national flag is always a great picture to take a postcard from Coatzacoalcos.
In the pyramid on the seaside boulevard is inside, the Museum of Archaeology Olmec. With an exhibition area of 180 square meters are shown more than 900 unique pieces of Olmec culture, compiled by Dr. Luis González Calderón. In lighted showcases and air-conditioned space with audio visual system, this may be the ideal choice to learn and have fun.
The Navy Square is located right over the seaside boulevard, opposite the naval club, with a giant ship's mast and cannons overlooking toward the sea, as defense to the port of Coatzacoalcos. A place that blends with the landscape of the sea, which is always a good picture for a souvenir photo.

The Lighthouse Museum is located in the congregation of Villa Allende, to get there, is neccesary to take a launch at el paso de lancha of Coatzacoalcos (as is popularly known), which leads to the congregation of Villa Allende, a very fun ride with its beautiful landscape during transportation, and in just 3 minutes you'll get there. The charge for enter to the Lighthouse museum is free.

Lomas de Barrillas is located 20 minutes from the city of Coatzacoalcos, is an arm of the sea, where there are palapas and seafood restaurants, a good place to spend some leisure time.
Besides the places mentioned above there is also the convention center and theater of the city, the Independence Park, the beautiful boulevard at seaside and the beach.

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